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5 Israeli Climate Tech Startups to Watch



“Is this how it is doomed to end?” It was one of the most simple, concise statements at this month’s COP26 climate conference this month. Yet far from being pessimistic, it was a rallying cry, as Sir David Attenborough suggested that since we’re affected by dire issues, we can come together now and solve them.

 “We are, after all, the greatest problem solvers to have ever existed on Earth.”

Few places have ingenuity, tech prowess, and problem-solvers in such abundance as Israel, where there are more unicorns per capita than anywhere else on earth. While most of the success thus far is enjoyed by startups in conventional spaces such as cyber, retail, and gaming, a shift is underway. According to a recent Israel Innovation Authority report, 10% of all newly established startups are part of the climate tech ecosystem this year, and total funding for the space during the first half of 2021 was 40% of the amount for the last three years combined.

Here are five of the most promising early-stage climate tech startups and technologies in Israel that could prove vital in battling the world’s most formidable threat:


The company managed to develop a breakthrough cooling material that uses sunlight to trigger a reaction converting heat into radiation in a process called “anti-Stokes fluorescence.” The result is a 60% reduction in energy consumption, which alleviates pressure on strained energy grids. Use cases that hold the most promise are urban environments which become “heat islands” and vehicles that would become far more efficient. Think Tel Aviv in August without the pricey electricity bill. 

Founders: Yaron Shenhav & Gadd Jodie Groas

Funding: $4.5M

Employees: 16

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