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Fresh Thinking For Fresher Produce

  • Natural

    Made of plant-based additives and naturally occurring organic compounds, our coatings are essentially food.

  • Easy

    We offer one coating for many varieties, which can be easily applied using simple techniques commonly used today.

  • Long-lasting

    Our coatings provide natural-looking produce that stays fresh for much longer at ambient, cold and changing conditions.

  • Sustainable

    Inherently biodegradable, our coatings remain effective throughout the supply chain, producing no by-waste.

  • Global

    We offer a solution that can be used everywhere, by everyone, for a wide variety of fresh produce.

A Global Solution For Global Issues

We aim to offer food producers, big and small, anywhere around the world, a simple, affordable and sustainable solution for prolonging the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables - helping create a plastic free world where costly food loss and waste are a thing of the past.

40-60% of fresh produce are lost or wasted globally

Food production is enough
to feed the world twice,
while one in nine people goes hungry.

Plastic packaging wreaks havoc on our planet

Even though plastic packaging
plays a vital role in protecting
food, more sustainable solutions are needed.

Global trends shift towards sustainable solutions

This is also reflected in regulatory activities that exert pressure on plastic use and food loss and waste.

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